SERIES: Life Stages
February 2017
(digital) collages on ceramic tiles

Curaçao is a lovely island. We are happy here. Curaçao has a certain je ne sais quoi. It always had, probably since the Native Amerindians set foot on it.
Then there is the refinery, in the heart of the island.
A stinking sore, not only to the eyes.
A small group of powerful and wealthy people control the the island and preferably leave the status quo, as long as they and their families can continue business as usual. One economic pillar is the refinery. The government is also controlled by them, and does their bidding.
This in itself fuels our anger and hopelessness. Reminding us of the colonization then and the hidden neo-colonization now.
Our island yearns for a more independent mindset, a progressive one.
Shell, later ISLA, makes and breaks us. It determines for a large part, who we are today. It brought economic and educational progress that resulted in growth and richness in culture.
The refinery doesn't fit anymore. There is a time to come, and there is a time to go. That time has come. But then again, what comes tomorrow should not continue the colonization of our minds, being both the colonizer and the colonized, but should continue to grow us and bring us closer to the next generation of independent Yu di Kòrsou.
These tiles tell the story in stages, the life stages of the Yu di Kòrsou living with the refinery 100 years. Some tiles are chipped off at the corner and ‘fixed’ with gum. This is the exact thing that the refinery also tries to do: what is destroyed they try to patch up with money.


Store your treasures in heaven...

February 2014


These collages all have to do with my thoughts on what your input in your life would be now, if you believe in the life there after. There are treasures you can be collecting now that you can take with you in your eternal life, just as there are treasures you can collect in your life now, that you can't take with you after you die.


Drawing is for me my visual way of poetry. It needs to get out of your system. I draw mostly when I'm traveling, or when I'm at peace.

Series of trees: these hugging trees show how one can be rooted in this deep Love.

The drawings below is how from external predicaments like a hurricane, trees and cacti survive: baby cacti grow out of the dead cacti. New life. Plants who died but in their death bring life so the next can live.