SERIES: Native Indian Drawings
March 2016

I was introduced by another artist (Ellen Spijkstra) as a new designer/ artist for the stamps of the post office. I was thrilled to get the assignment to make a series of stamps as since being a kid I collected stamps. Now I got to make my own series! I started with Curaçaos oldest graphic design: that of the first people of the island: the Caiquetíos. The stamps are from different sites on the island where the rock drawings or decorative drawings on ceramic are found.


Store your treasures in heaven...

February 2014


These collages all have to do with my thoughts on what your input in your life would be now, if you believe in the life there after. There are treasures you can be collecting now that you can take with you in your eternal life, just as there are treasures you can collect in your life now, that you can't take with you after you die.


Drawing is for me my visual way of poetry. It needs to get out of your system. I draw mostly when I'm traveling, or when I'm at peace.

Series of trees: these hugging trees show how one can be rooted in this deep Love.

The other drawings are drawn in Madrid, Malasaña during a residency: Los dibujos tienen capas como un día tiene muchas capas: en forma de descubrir el paisaje urbano, conocer gente, conversaciones y el ritmo diario de los Malasañios. Estos valores vuelven en mis dibujos, junto con mi fe.

The drawings below is how from external predicaments like a hurricane, trees and cacti survive: baby cacti grow out of the dead cacti. New life. Plants who died but in their death bring life so the next can live.