Commissioned works

SERIES: Native Indian Drawings
DATE : March 2016
CATEGORY: graphic design / postal stamps

I was introduced by another artist (Ellen Spijkstra) as a new designer/ artist for the stamps of the post office. I was thrilled to get the assignment to make a series of stamps as since being a kid I collected stamps. Now I got to make my own series! I started with Curaçaos oldest graphic design: that of the first people of the island: the Caiquetíos. The stamps are from different sites on the island where the rock drawings or decorative drawings on ceramic are found.


SERIES: Murals in the city
DATE:May 2017

The shop owners and the Downtown Management Organization of Punda know how murals can totally transform the vibe in a street or alley. The alley named after Angel Job was used more as an alley to urinate against the walls. People avoided the alley, it smelled bad and made them feel unsafe. But it's an alley right in the center and easy to access the shopping streets quickly. For that reason one shop owner approached me with the international idea of angel wings on a wall so people can take photos becoming angels. There is the Instagram account where you can hashtag your photo. An interactive mural.

Classic Music Musicians Curacao

SERIES: Classic Musicians of Curacao
DATE:April 2019
CATEGORY: Postal stamps/ graphic design

Curacao has a city part called Otrobanda and in this part many classic musicians were born. It's the cultural city side of Willemstad. 6 musicians of which one is alive still, 90 years old, that contributed in a mayor way to Curacaos music heritage.

Cut-outs with in the background their own written music.

Colorful Steps

SERIES: murals in the city
DATE: December 2018
CATEGORY: murals / graphic design

Kaya Kaya Party is an initiative to leave one street at a time of the city Otrobanda better behind. Twice a year a street party is organized, where the neighborss of that street fix and beautify their street for the main event: the Kaya Kaya street party. Afterwards they upgraded their enitre street on the long run! Artists are invited to make murals and I was asked to paint the new stairs. I call it the Colorful Steps of Otrobanda: with each step you become happier and reach your destination in a happy way.

Curacao History events

SERIES: Curacao History postal stamps Cpost
DATE: May and July 2019
CATEGORY: postage stamps / graphic design

Commissioned by Cpost to deign two special souvenir blocks with stamps of 1000 cents each about 2 historical moments of Curacao: 30 of May 1969 (50 years ago) and Day of the Flag: Dia di Bandera (35 years ago).