Once at elementary school, all kids could participate and send it their best drawing for the child stamp design contest. I didn't win and was very disappointed. Little did I know that 20 something years later I got asked to design a series of 6 stamps for my country!! Also the enveloppe and the stamp for the First Day of Issue! I came up with the theme of Native Amerindian drawings, our first people on the island. Their graphic design should be cherished as it's the first graphic design of Curaçao's civilisation. Cherished as jewelry, hence the gold in the design. The drawings are drawings on rocks and also decorations on pieces of found pottery.

The stamps are now in circulation. I'm am so thrilled! Twice this month I had to go to the post office to post a letter and got my own stamps to stick on the mail!

In the picture above you see the official release by Suzy Camelia-Römer new Minister of Transport, Traffic and Urban Planning, of the series I designed. The series was also given to several institutes and organisations such as NAAM (the National Archeology Management institute) and Carmabi, a research institute for tropical marine science studies.

This series will represent Curaçao at the World Stamp Fair in New York! http://www.ny2016.org/